Featured projects

Featured projects

Featured projects are projects developed outside of UvA’s central management.

Amsterdam street search by Adamlink

Search for a street in Amsterdam to obtain historical images associated to it.

Pioneering Amsterdam by Adamlink

A collection of blueprints and photographs of streets and buildings in Amsterdam taken two years after construction. Images date from 1880 to 2007.

Gone streets by Adamlink

Navigate through streets that have been demolished in Amsterdam and see snapshots of these in time.

Portraits of Amsterdamers by Adamlink

Wordclouds depicting all professions of Amsterdam citizens obtained from Wikidata. See here for a blogpost and here for this project’s code repository on Github.

Amsterdam Metros and Trams by Adamlink

View the changes Amsterdam’s metro and tram lines have undergone in time, with snapshots of events and incidents having happened around every station.

Amsterdam Street Growth by Jelle Overbeek (HvA)

Watch as Amsterdam grows, street after street, from 1070 to 2011.

Wrecking Mayors by Robin Frugte (HvA)

Search through a database of mayors in Amsterdam and see what parts of town they have demolished.

Interactive maps of Amsterdam by the municipality of Amsterdam

Search through dozens of interactive maps of Amsterdam, including turistic maps, maps of urban development and housing, vacant spaces, sustainability-related maps, green, nature and farming, traffic and infrastructure, history and architecture and neighbourhood and amenities.

Amsterdam map of maps by the municipality of Amsterdam

Look for information about one specific place in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam grab-a-map by the municipality of Amsterdam

Stack up to 3 layers of data from the municipality of Amsterdam to create your own map of the city.

Geocontexting the Printed World by Arkyves

Superimpose historical maps of Amsterdam onto a current Google earth snapshot of the city. Maps date from 1450 to 1900.

Gender and Urban Space in Amsterdam 1600-1850 by Bob Pierik (UvA)

This project looks at pre-industrial Amsterdam, a rapidly-growing city at the core of the Dutch Republic. Early modern observers noted how women went out freely in the streets, while at the same time the early modern period is supposedly marked by the rise of a ‘domestic ideology’ that confined women to the home. Was such an ideology rooted in social practice? This project will try to answer this and other questions by reconstructing the gendered use of the streets in Amsterdam. 

Part of: Freedom of the Streets

Golden Agents by Arianna Betti, Frans Blom, Mehdi Dastani, Paul Dijstelberge, Gertjan Filarski, Oscar Gelderblom, Lia van Gemert, Frans Grijzenhout, Frank van Harmelen, Marjolein ‘t Hart, Harald Hendrix, Geert Janssen, Eric Jorink, Elmer Kolfin, Inger Leemans, Wijnand Mijnhardt, Harm Nijboer, Maarten Prak, Els Stronks and Kees Zandvliet

The Golden Agents project that started on 1 January 2016 aims at developing in a period of five years a sustainable infrastructure to study relations and interactions between producers and consumers of creative goods across the long Golden Age of the Dutch Republic. The project will link distributed, heterogeneous resources (both existing and new) on creative industries in the Dutch Golden Age.

The Imagined City by Adamlink

Zoom in and out of a map of Amsterdam to obtain images and other documents associated to each location.

City Rhythm by Caroline Nevejan (UvA and AMS Institute), Pinar Sefkatli (UvA) and Scott Cunningham (TU Delft)

An interdisciplinary research into enhancing the sense of safety in a specific neighbourhood by stimulating social cohesion through the creation of shared rhythms. A collaboration between the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions, the Delft University of Technology, Wageningen University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the municipalities of The Hague, Rotterdam, Zoetermeer, Helmond, Zaanstad and Amsterdam.