Europe Time Machine

The ATM is a proud partner in the Europe Time Machine.

The Europe Time Machine builds a Large Scale Simulator mapping 5000 years of European history, transforming kilometres of archives and large collections from museums into a distributed digital information system. These Big Data of the Past are common resources for the future and researchers from all over the world are now joining forces to bring the past back in one of the most ambitious project ever on European culture and identity. Read more.

Key Points

This Large Scale Research Initiative project already has a large European coverage with already 278 partners in 33 countries and is growing bigger everyday

It pushes the research in the most advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to extend the realm of Big Data to the past

It develops a unique 4D IT technology enabling navigation through time as easily as we navigate through space

It is based on Europe’s unique asset: its long history, its multi-linguism and multiculturalism