This is a list of datasets cited by ATM wiki projects and featured projects.


Provides data about transnationally mobile Dutch social reformers, male and female, including politicians, officials, lawyers, clergymen, medical doctors, businessmen, academics, teachers, etc. (1840-1914).

Amsterdam City Data by the municipality of Amsterdam

Includes data on traffic and infrastructure, tourism and culture, geography, population, energy, care and welfare, and public space and development.

Amsterdam Map Data by the municipality of Amsterdam

Includes data on urban development and housing, vacant spaces, sustainbility, green, nature and farming, traffic and insfratructure, history and architecture, and neighborhood and amenities.

Adamlink Reference Data by Adamlink

Includes data on streets, buildings, persons and neighbourhoods in .csv, .geojson, and .ttl.

Biographical compedium of Dutch academia by Huygens ING

Includes data on past members of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), scientific instrument makers in the Netherlands, the network of Carolus Clusius (1526-1609) and members of Dutch scientific societies.

Biography portal of the Netherlands by Huygens ING

Links a variety of online reference on inhabitants of the Netherlands from the earliest times until the present.

Colonial Architecture by TU Delft

Includes data on buildings and sites designed and created between circa 1850 and 1970 in past European colonies.

Digital Charter Bank of the Netherlands by Huygens ING

Includes recorded archive funds per institution and all charters in the selected archive institutions or archive funds.

Europeana Collections by Europeana

Explore 58,245,983 artworks, artefacts, books, films and music from European museums, galleries, libraries and archives

Gone construction works by Hic Sunt Leones

Contains over 1070 information of demolished constructions from Amsterdam, Leiden, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Haarlem, and The Hague.

Google Dataset Search by Google

Search through datasets across the web.


Contains downloadable and world-wide data about roads, trails, cafés, railway stations, and more.