Linked Data is coming to town! Researchers, historians, heritage institutions and the city administration are interlinking their data and creating an Amsterdam Linked Data Cloud (ALiDa). Everybody benefits.

ALiDa shows datasets relevant to the history of Amsterdam. If your dataset is both open and linked to one or more of the ALiDa sets (see the requirements below), please let us know and we will give it a spot.

The image below is a representation of current datasets that are linked, but behind the scenes we are working on providing access points!

LOD Cloud

Of course ALiDa is linked to the rest of the world. We’ve all seen the famous LOD cloud diagram, so dense now it’s becoming harder to read everyday.

(part of) the LOD cloud

Contributing your dataset to the ALiDa cloud

To claim a spot in the ALiDa cloud your dataset should

  • be relevant to the history of Amsterdam
  • be connected to at least one dataset already in the ALiDa cloud. This means, either your dataset uses URIs from the other dataset, or vice versa.
  • be open. This means, your dataset should be licensed in a way other people can freely use it.
  • be accessible. This means, it should be published on the web in a way people can download or harvest it in its entirety

Not sure if your set is linked to datasets in ALiDa or how to go about doing this? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Required data format

At this time, we don’t require datasets to be published as RDF. We want to encourage conceptual linkage (the use of URIs to identify concepts) and we do accept datasets published in other formats, like csv. So, for now, you just get bonus points when your dataset

  • identifies concepts in its data with resolvable URIs (or persistent identifiers)
  • resolves these URIs, with or without content negotiation, to RDF data in one of the popular RDF formats (RDFa, RDF/XML, Turtle, N-Triples or JSON-LD).
  • is accessible via RDF crawling, via an RDF dump, or via a SPARQL endpoint.

Please note that these nice-to-haves might change to requirements in the future!

Sharing your dataset

To contribute your dataset, send a mail to c.rasterhoff [at] uva [dot] nl or contact us with the following details:

  • (short) name of the dataset
  • (short) description of the dataset
  • URL (from) where the dataset can be accessed
  • (a list of) the ALiDa dataset(s) it links to or is linked from
  • the types of concepts your dataset describes (‘persons’, ‘organizations’, ‘artworks’, ‘locations’, ‘events’, etc.)