The Amsterdam Time Machine (ATM) is a public  research resource on the history of Amsterdam.

ATM is committed to the creation and reuse of historical data for the benefit of – and together with – researchers, societal partners and local communities.

With the Time Machine, users will ultimately be able to travel back in time and navigate the city on the levels of neighborhoods, streets, houses, rooms, ultimately zooming in on the pictures that adorned the walls. The systematic linkage of datasets from various sources allows users to retrieve historical information, support public interfaces, and ask new questions on, for instance, cultural events, everyday life, social relations, or the use of public space in the city of Amsterdam.

ATM is built upon linked data infrastructures from key academic and  cultural heritage institutions in the Netherlands, including CLARIAH and Adamnet. It benefits from and contributes to funded research and heritage projects that digitise, explore and remodel historical data.

ATM is  coordinated by the CREATE research program at the University of Amsterdam and powered by a consortium of people and institutions in academia, cultural heritage and industry.

We invite everyone to join, by connecting their own data and by using the data for research, storytelling, or other purposes. Its linked and open structure, and its collaboration with other Dutch Time Machines, in the European Time Machine, ensures that the Amsterdam data is connected  across the Netherlands and abroad, just as the city itself always has been.

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11 December 2019ATM datasprint # 6 on person dataAmsterdam, UvA
10-11 October 2019Time Machine Conference 2019Dresden
25 September 2019ATM Datasprint #5 on Wikidata for the history of AmsterdamAmsterdam
17-23 June 2019Julia Noordegraaf at the We Make The City festivalPakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam
15 June 2019Julia Noordegraaf at UniversiteitdagRoeterseiland Campus, UvA
12 June 2018Marieke van Erp at ACDH eventAustrian Academy of Sciences
11 JuneDatasprint on computer-transcribed notarial deedsAmsterdam
9 MayPublic Time Machine event at Spui25Amsterdam
9-10 MayTime Machine Europe workshopsAmsterdam
20 March 2019Dutch newspapers are en masse reporting on the Amsterdam City Archives digitising centuries-old handwritten manuscripts with computers (and the crowd!).
18-19 March 2019Europe Time Machine kick-off meetingBrussels
5 March 2019Time Machine receives 1 million euro seed money from European Committee! Many of the ATM members are founding partners in Time Machine.
5 March 2019Claartje Rasterhoff, ATM coordinator, presents ATM at DEN event in Rotterdam.Rotterdam
28 February 2019ATM data sprint KNAW Humanities Cluster
January 2019Venice Time Machine and ATM’s Julia Noordegraaf featured in a four-page article in Der Spiegel.
2018Do you speak “Amsterdam”? Be sure to check out this quiz on Amsterdam slang on the Quest website developed by our ATM – Meertens colleagues Nicoline van der Sijs en Kristel Doreleijers, with Marieke van Erp of the HuC Digital Humanities Lab. Also listen to Nicoline van der Sijs talking about 19th century Amsterdam dialects on the Dutch radio.